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Cenovus Arena

Cenovus Arena

The Athabasca Regional Multiplex is home to the Cenovus Arena which can accommodate 480 people when the ice is in and 1,200 people without ice.


The arena is easily accessible and features balcony views on the upper level that overlooks the rink below. The Buy Low Lounge is another great viewing point of the Cenovus Arena.


The size of the Cenovus Arena allows guests to rent the many types of activities and equipment available for all occasions. This 26,000-square-foot arena is ideal for larger events, such as weddings, trade shows, community dinners, and sporting events.


The Cenovus Arena holds ice between September – March.


The Cenovus Arena dry floor is available to rent between April – August, which makes it perfect for events such as weddings and community dinners.

  • 480 People Maximum (With Ice)
  • 1,200 People Maximum (Without Ice)
  • Wheelchair Accessible Change Rooms available

Guidelines and Information

Help us maintain a safe, fun and healthy facility for everyone by following the facility guidelines and respecting other visitors and staff.

  • Please play safe and respect other user groups and activities
  • For the safety of all participants, spectator viewing and seating are available on the second floor in the Buylow Lounge
  • Please ensure proof of payment wristband is visible during drop-in hockey and public skating
  • Use dressing rooms provided to store bags, jackets and other items. The Athabasca Regional Multiplex is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items
  • Food and drink are only permitted on the bleachers by spectators only
  • Before your fieldhouse booking/game time, if your team wants to warm up, it is only permitted on the walking track.
  • The Coach/Assistant Coach must be present at all times during the duration of the warm-up to supervise the team. Any teams with no coach present will be asked to leave the area immediately.
  • For more information about the Athabasca Regional Multiplex Warm-Up Guidelines, please consult a facility staff member
  1. It is required that skaters 12 years of age and under wear CSA-approved helmets while on the ice. It is recommended that all participants wear helmets as well.
  2. Only participants wearing skates can go out onto the ice surface. No boots or shoes.
  3. No fooling around, wrestling or rough play on the ice as it could result in serious injury.
  4. To avoid collisions, skaters should travel in the same direction around the ice. Beginners and slower skaters should skate around the center of the ice; faster skaters should travel around the boards. Excessive speeding is not allowed. Please do not skate backwards.
  5. No figure skating routines are permitted during public skate.
  6. No sticks, rings, or pucks are allowed during a public skate.
  7. Carrying a baby or child while skating is extremely dangerous and not permitted.
  8. Wheelchairs are allowed on the ice as long as the user is capable of controlling the chair. Attendants may escort the wheelchair user if wearing ice cleats or if they are wearing skates.
  9. All skating aids and all other objects carried onto the ice must be approved by a Multiplex Staff Member.
  10. Multiplex staff members have the authority to remove anyone from the ice who endangers the safety of other public skaters.
  1. All skaters 13 years old and over must be wearing CSA-approved helmets and hockey gloves, regardless of age.
  2. All skaters under the age of 13 must be in full equipment.
  3. Only participants wearing skates can go out onto the ice surface. No boots or shoes.

Ice Rental

  • Ice Rental (Youth) – – -$113.00/hour
  • Ice Rental (Adult) – – – $168.00/hour

Dry Floor (Approx. April 1st – August 15th)

  • Youth & Adult Event – – – $70.00/hour
  • Full Day Rental – – – – – – – – $557.00

*** Prices do not include GST or set up/take down fees. ***

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